The 60 best tech gifts every gadget fan needs in 2023

The 60 best tech gifts every gadget fan needs in 2023

What do you get the tech guy who has everything? Here are our top must-buy gadgets for 2023.


The official meaning is “a gadget is a mechanical device or any ingenious article”, but nowadays it basically means anything with a bit of tech in it to help you order your food shopping, shave your face, enjoy a cup of coffee at the optimum temperature, or generally use smart voice robots to turn your heating up at home. Now, that all sounds a bit 2001: A Space Odyssey, but truly, we're in the golden era of gadgetry, and if you're of a mind to enjoy some techy gear, then the below should tickle your fancy.

How to research gadgets?

Why, you simply have to read this article, of course. There is a slew of useful tools and gadgets below that we've selected, from coffee machines to beard trimmers. When it comes to researching what you want, you probably need to narrow down your field of searching so you're not overwhelmed with gizmos and tech that won't enrich your life or vaguely help you make a slightly better quality cup of coffee.

Once you know what you're after, we've got a tonne of guides to help you figure out whether you need a fresh pair of noise-cancelling earcans, a new telly, or a smart wearable device on your wrist to help you workout. Looking for more gifts? We've got you covered. Check out our roundups of the best gifts for men, best gifts for women, best gifts for brothers and best gifts for sisters for advice on how to buy top presents for the whole family.

The best gifts 2023

Now that Valentine's Day is out of the way –thanks for all the fun and games, Cupid– you might be turning your eye towards other celebrations coming up in the calendar. Birthdays, anniversaries and general seasonal gifting opportunities are often a head-scratcher if you're stuck for something to get your giftee this year, but there's no need to rush into buying something they are almost certainly going to return when you're not looking. Our shopping editors are clued up on exactly what you need to buy for a loved one, family member or mate for all occasions, even if the below gadget options don't quite scratch that itch.

If you've forgotten to grab a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one then head over to our dedicated roundups on the best Valentine's Day gifts for him and the best Valentine's Day gifts for her. Outside of that, we've got guides on the best gifts for men, best gifts for women, best unusual gifts, gifts for dads, and the best housewarming gifts you need in 2023.


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